Problems Associated With Colon Toxicity

Colon toxicity can be the underlying cause of many of these commonly reported health problems and may indicate the need for colon hydrotherapy . . .

Skin Problems
Difficult Weight Loss
Distended Abdomen
Chronic Fatigue
Frequent Colds
Food Cravings
Foul Body Odor
Bad Breath/Halitosis
Prostate Trouble
Abdominal Gas
Menstrual Problems

A clean, strong and well functioning colon is essential to maintaining optimal health while an unclean, weak and poorly functioning colon, is a breeding ground for disease. Serious health problems can arise if the colon is not properly cared for.

Good colon health is as much a function of the quality of food we eat, as it is our elimination status. The typical British diet comprised of refined, processed foods . . . high in saturated fats, sugar, flour, preservatives and low in fiber, inevitably causes problems for the colon. Over time, the colon will lose the ability to process vital nutrients, absorb water and to eliminate fecal matter from the body. . . a condition commonly known as ‘constipation’.

Constipation is commonly identified as a condition where the fecal matter is so tightly packed together, that bowel movements are infrequent, with difficulty and much straining.

But many people are constipated without even recognizing the condition!

Old hardened feces stick to the walls of the colon. The passage through which the faces are forced to travel is much reduced, so that stools are narrow in diameter. In our society, bowel movements of the chronically constipated . . . may be looked upon as being ‘normal’ stools!

Most people have no any idea how much old, hardened, fecal matter is lodged within their colons. Many experts believe that the average person has 5 to 20 pounds of accumulated waste matter in their colon. While not a weight loss procedure . . . it is interesting to note that many people who complete a series of colon hydrotherapy sessions, often report significant weight losses.